1 Axis Tracker for Photovoltaics

Accurate Utility-scale Tracker for Increased Effeciency

Building on our extensive experience with high accuracy solar thermal trackers, the Radiance™ solar tracking system is now available as single axis photovoltaic (PV) tracking solution.

Tracking PV is an obvious way to increase plant efficiency while lowering balance of systems costs: less inverters, cabling, installation and cleaning.

By tracking the sun, plant yields can be increased by up to 25% with an improved delivery profile allowing operators to capture more of the peak electricty price and delivery better ROI.

Backtracking is a feature which elimiates self shading and allows the maximum possible energy to be captured during daily operation. Backtracking is available as standard on all Radiance PV Trackers.

The Radiance Master Controller is designed to integrate seamlessly into the plant control SCADA and reporting workflows.

Product Information

Radiance Polar PV Tracker

Quick Facts

  • Type: Single Axis Polar Tracker
    Capacity: 480m²/66kW per Tracker
    Dimensions: 207m E/W, 12m N/S
    Tilt: 20-25 degrees (customer specified)
    Installation: High speed, simple installation

    Phase: Ready for Delivery

  • Additional Info:
    Up to 25% extra output
    Improved delivery profile
    Backtracking as standard


The Tracker is a robust, reliable, low cost, bankable design. The Polar Tracker increases plant yield by up to 25%, while significantly lowering Balance of Systems Costs. Reliability is assured with extensive Engineering, FMEA and Wind Tunnel analysis. Available in a range of tilt angles from 20 to 25°. High reliability motors are used for better efficiency, performance and O&M

Controls and Software

Device Logic has installed over 2,600 discrete 2 tracking controllers since 2007. With more than 66 million operating hours and a failure rate of less than 0.4% the controls are proven and reliable. Availability has bettered 99.99%. Tracking resolution better than 0.001°. Sophisticated Master Controller for supervision, integration and reporting.


Device Logic can provide Trackers, as kits or with installation included. Field modelling and shading analysis services can be provided. High availability support and maintenance are standard offerings.