Radiance™ Solar Tracking System

Dual Axis Tracker. Optimized for Utility-Scale Solar Power

Accurate and dependable tracking is assured with the Radiance™ Solar Tracking System. Tested and optimised in solar thermal power tower plants, it can also used to substantially improve the efficiency of PV systems.

+ Concentrating Photovoltaic + Photovoltaic 1 and 2 Axis
+ Solar Thermal Power Tower + Solar Thermal Trough
+ Architectural Lighting
+ Process Heat


  • 4th generation solar tracker control system
  • Deployed and proven internationally in Germany, Australia and the USA
  • High reliability, long service life BLDC motors
  • Optically isolated communications
  • Robust, error tolerant communications protocol and architecture
  • Guaranteed long support life and parts availability
  • All solid state
  • IP65 rated outdoor enclosure
  • Wide operational temperature range
  • Continuous improvement of product
  • Fully automated QA system


  • Control units with the Radiance™ SCADA
  • Multiple simultaneous operators
  • Fully automatic calibration for solar thermal
  • Powerful API for 3rd party interfacing
  • Advanced logging and reporting
  • Standards compliant interface with plant control systems via OPC
  • Fully automatic daily tracking
  • Track multiple fixed targets or the sun itself
  • Inbuilt environmental monitoring


  • Anemometer AutoStow™
  • Safety OnTrack™ and Safety OffTrack™ for solar thermal
  • Fail to Safe design
  • Support for safety limit sensors (multiple types supported)
  • Safety / Extra Low Voltage (SELV) to protect installation and maintenance personnel

Installation and Commissioning

  • Easy and efficient to install and commission
  • Provided junction boxes simplify installation
  • Data and power cluster distribution box with UPS module option
  • Dedicated field commissioning application
  • SELV makes installation safe and efficient
  • Plug in wiring for speed and reliability of connections
  • M12 connectors for reliability and environmental tolerance
  • Pre-made cables available for fastest install and minimum errors

Operations and Maintenance

  • Online product documentation
  • Online product training modules (coming soon)
  • Dedicated field commissioning application
  • Asset tags for commissioning and maintenance
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • Automated full-field firmware update capability
  • All user-serviceable components easily accessible
  • Full remote diagnostics - no need to visit the controller in the field

Efficient and Accurate

  • Double floating-point precision for tracking accuracy
  • 32 bit motor encoder resolution at up to 20 MHz
  • Use with a certified motor for highest precision
  • Market leading low parasitic power use
  • High efficiency BLDC motors and controller
  • Diagnostic LEDs turn off to save power
  • Low cost infrastructure cabling