Accurate Tracking for Solar Thermal

High performance heliostat control for Solar Power Towers

The Radiance™ Solar Tracking System is optimized for solar power tower installations. It provides autocalibrated, high accuracy tracking to deliver the maximum power output for any given heliostat field.

The autocalibration system calibrates heliostats without user input. This achieves high accuracy, consistent calibration and lower operator workload. A generic heliostat geometry supports any combination of linear and rotary actuators.

Long service lifetimes are achieved with on-board brushless motor controllers, isolated RS485 communications and state of the art manufacturing facilities.

The SCADA supports common workflows and allows easy management of a large number of units. A dedicated commissioning app makes setting up new heliostat fields fast and accurate.

Case Study

Jülich Power Station, Germany

Project Facts

  • Type:1.5MWe Solar Thermal
    Field: 18,000m², 2,153 Controllers
    Date: 2007-2009
    Storage: 10MWh Ceramic
    Phase: Complete

  • Additional Info:
    From concept to completion in 15 months

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The Jülich solar power plant is the largest European solar thermal installation outside of Spain. Device Logic was selected to provide the control system for the heliostats at the end of 2007. Final handover of the plant was completed in late 2008.

Device Logic provided the controls, software and commissioning support services for the heliostat field.

Controls and Software

The control hardware and software was developed in response to the requirements of the power plant operator.

The hardware controls the 2,153 mirrors in real time and allows the turbine to control the thermal input at the receiver depending on operational requirements. The system features an advanced, camera based, automatic calibration system

Commissioning Support

Device Logic provided expertise during the commissioning phase of the heliostat field. Installation and commissioning personnel were provided extensive training and many valuable systems were developed to speed up the process in future plants.